Thursday, December 27, 2007

Guest Posting

I have contributed a couple of guest posts over at Conservatives United.

Take a look.

What I Like About Mike

The Problem with the Middle East

I have also continued to write over at Blogs 4 Brownback and Blogs 4 Conservatives. But I haven't really written much here. :-(

Sam Brown, who has helped out over at B4B has launched his own blog, Blogs 4 Huckabee. He is in the process of gathering a team to track the Huckaboom. Good luck to him.

I am trying to stay objective at this point in the race, so I'll probably just stick to B4C. But I might pop in sometime and bang out a post.

Hope everyone in the world is well. And I hope you reading this have a wonderful and prosperous new year in 2008!

-- Psycheout

Monday, August 6, 2007

Still Alive, I Think

I've been busy at B4B lately and have been neglecting my own blog. Well, that's to be expected. But I have been posting a lot over at B4B. That's good.

And I have posted my second outreach diary over at Daily Kos. That's even better.

I also attached a poll to my latest Daily Kos diary. Resolved: Should conservatives be allowed to post an occasional diary at Daily Kos?

The obvious answer is "Strongly yes," but we'll see how it goes.

I hope you and yours are well.

-- Psycheout

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Well, the cat's out of the bag. I'm dyslexic. I've known it since elementary school and I hate it. I've tried to keep it secret...well who wants to announce to the world or loved ones that they have a mental disorder? Nobody.

I've noticed it from time to time when a word I've written (or typed) that just didn't look right or someone has pointed it out to me. I've also noticed it when a word I've only read and written was spoken by someone else and I realized that for years I had a letter reversed.

Recent examples: I spelled Giuliani "Guiliani" for weeks on B4B before noticing my mistake when I did a web search. I promptly went back through the archives and corrected my many (and consistent) mistakes.

I also noticed it today after a commenter noticed my mistake in Terri Schaivo's [sic] Brother Joins Sam Brownback. I spelled Schiavo "Schaivo." Now that I look at it, I'm not sure which is right. That's the thing about dyslexia. It's like looking at words through a hall of mirrors. It's not an amusement park, not a funhouse; it's a frustrating puzzle that often doesn't seem to make any sense. I hate it.

It's incredibly embarrassing and humiliating. It makes you feel like you're stupid. But you're not. You simply, well, I simply have some sketchy connections in my brain that have nothing to do with intelligence.

One place you can find information about dyslexia is wikipedia.

I really encourage others with dyslexia to share their own stories in the comments. Use as much detail as you like. I plan on doing another more detailed post on "lysdexia" and my own experiences with it in the near future, should anyone be remotely interested.

Somehow I doubt it.

Update: Since dyslexia is a part of my life, and always will be, and is doubtlessly the part of many other people's lives, I have created a new experimental group blog to discuss the subject. If this concept is of interest to you, please check out Lysdexia and consider joining in a discussion. Thanks.

G-d bless you,
-- Psycheout

Psycheout Is Back in the Game!

I've been pretty busy the last month or so and have been neglecting my blog duties. I'm glad that you have chosen to stop by. But I think you'll find much more of my citizen-journalism over at one of the hottest group blogs on the internet: Blogs 4 Brownback. Please go there to keep up on the latest Brownback buzz.

But before you leave, please leave a comment and say hi. I appreciate each and everyone of you who are persistent enough to find Psycheout's Portal.

And, if you haven't yet, hop on the Brownback bandwagon. You're more than welcome. America needs you!

Be sure to see my total no-holds-barred smackdown of the liberal propagandists at 3 Bulls in Leftist Weirdos Sling Mud and Miss, Badly.

And don't be the last to find out about this summer's al Qaeda threat. Be sure to read al Qaeda's Strength is Our Weakness, before I have to say "I told you so!"

May G-d bless you all.

-- Psycheout

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Long Nightmare May Be Coming To an End

The Supreme Court has upheld the ban on the ghastly practice of partial birth abortion. This marks the first time that the Supremes have upheld a total ban on a specific abortion procedure. This is a cause for celebration. Look out, Roe!

Praise the Lord! America might be on her way to a better day.

-- Psycheout

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Psycheout Not (Yet) Banned from Daily Kos

Actually we've had a decent discussion over at Kossak HQ. But I'm a little disappointed that Kossites, like the MyDD Borg, did not get my subtle joke:

As to the 2008 election, may the best man win!

I don't have to explain to you, dear readers, that Hillary is not a man, contrary to popular belief. And, as far as I know, she's not a shape-shifting reptilian, either.

-- Psycheout

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Conventional Wisdom?

Today over at Blogs 4 Brownback I briefly examine a meme that has been bothering me ever since I became a Brownbacker. There's this idea being promoted out there as conventional "wisdom" that Sam Brownback is too conservative and because of this GOP voters are flocking to The Three RINOs, aka Rudy McRomney.

So, is Sam Brownback too conservative? If you think selling out your conservative values to get an "electable" candidate that you will regret if elected, then the answer is probably yes. You be the judge.

-- Psycheout